Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More targeted than pay-per-click

This may come as a surprise... But Pay-per-click is not most targeted advertising on the internet.

Pay-per-click (ppc) is good tool on driving traffic to your website and make sales but as we know ppc is crowded, very crowded. And we can see this as endless bidding wars, and we have to tweak our ads all the time to "beat" our competition. Making your ads more relevant for search engines (to keep your position) can also take some life away from your ads. And I know some of you have almost burned your brain asking: "How can I tweak this anymore" or "where can I find low-costing keywords anymore".

Well, there is another, less crowded and more efficient way to drive targeted customers to your website (or wherever you may want them to go). And what is even better it is low costing way!
It is eZine marketing: One of the most misunderstood marketing available!
Most targeted marketing online.
Ezines are email-newsletters, that are send to people who have specially subscribed to eZine. Why do people subscribe to eZines or newsletters?

You tell me.

If there’s something you find interesting, what do you do? You want to know more about it, right?

You search the internet and find interesting website where you find tips, tricks, inventions, new ideas and new products in your field of interest. You will automatically get more information every day, week or month if you subscribe to this newsletter.


That’s what eZines are: Newsletters.

And people subscribe to newsletters because they WANT to know more and they are interested in their chosen subject!

This means: Every time you advertise on eZines you can be damn sure people are interested. They have actually asked for that information so they pay attention! And the studied fact is: they read the ads as much as the content.

***What kind of eZines are out there?

This is my favourite subject. There are all kinds of eZines out there! You name your niche and go searching eZines directories. There are eZines about digital satellites, home-based business, marketing, advertising, pet care, cars, any name it and you find it!

For example I found eZine that tells how to get rid of your accent and I instantly got million ideas of products I could promote
That’s targeted if you ask me.

There are something like 300 000 (possibly much more) eZines out there so that’s plenty to choose from.

***Is it expensive to advertise in ezine?

Let’s say you found a good-quality ezine about search-engine marketing and it has 80 000 subscribers. How much advertising costs?

There are three kinds of ads:
1.Classified ad: Usually 3-5 lines including URL and E-mail. Most eZines come with 5-7 classified ads.
2. Sponsor ad: Top sponsor is the first thing people see when they open their ezine: Over 10 lines of text.
3. Solo ad: Biggest and boldest and perhaps most effective. Solo ad goes alone meaning people will get e-mail that has ONLY your offer. Over 500 words! That’s a lot!

What comes to price it is no surprise that solo ad is most expensive. As we were talking about ezine of 80 000 subscribers, you can find good quality eZines where solo ad costs $50.

$50! That’s 62 cents for 1000 people! That’s a fact!
Sponsor ad usually costs half of the solo ad. Classified ad is usually costs half of sponsor ad.

***What response rate can I expect?

This depends on your ad; If your copy is good you can expect response rate of 5% up to 35%! (solo ad)
In example of 80 000 subscribers you can expect 4000 clicks. Remember this is number of people who click on your ad. The rest depends on your website. If your website converts 1% you have just made 40 sales! If you have product that sells for $47 you have earned $1880!
How do you find a good-quality eZine?
There are plenty of eZines out there. When you know your niche, you can find a good ezine directory at:

Find eZines, subscribe to them and read them! That’s the best way to find out everything you need to know. If you wouldn’t read it then you can be sure no one else will read it either! Next eZine!

I know it takes time, but if you go blindfolded and advertise in first eZine you find, you are wasting your money! You should advertise in good-quality ezine. Don’t be satisfied if there’s something that bothers you. There are plenty more! Next eZine!

And when you find a good one, choose your type of ad, write a good ad and see what happens.
One more thing to remember!

When you place your ad in eZine and you don’t get response you want don’t get frustrated. Repeat your ad 2-3 times. Think of yourself. Do you usually buy a product the first time you see it. Even if it is the greatest product you’ve ever heard of it takes some time to think it over.

***EZines are powerful marketing tools. They are highly targeted, it doesn’t take much money to advertise in them and they can generate huge sales. I recommend you take some time to study eZines and give them a try.